Hello my name is Althea Davis.

I am a Data Enthusiast, a Serial Chief Data Officer, a Data Strategist and a keen Champion of Data Monetization.

About Althea

About Althea

Althea is an eight-time Chief Data Officer and uniquely qualified to help customers map out data strategies and future-proof their data practices. She has led and builds global data teams, practices, portfolios and instrumental in achieving superior business outcomes. Steering away from the data hype, her data leadership expertise was gained at ING Bank, Heineken, Levi’s Strauss, Nike, Accenture, KPMG, ABN AMRO Bank, Atradius, Achmea, The European Commission, Etihad Aviation Group, NXN Consulting and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. She is a CDO Magazine Data Power Woman 2021 and 2022, a Board Member of MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers and the CDO Magazine Editorial Chairwoman, African and GCC. A global speaker at CDO, CISO, AI, Bank/HealthTech events and a certified data professional. She is a Fulbright Scholar Alumni, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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My talents

As an experienced Chief Data and Analytics Officer with eight successful tenures, I have honed my art to develop and execute practical data strategies. My focus is to build diverse teams proficient in data, digital, advanced analytics, and data science, driving organizations to become truely data-savvy in action not words! By fostering a healthy data culture, I eliminate data chaos and design 'Data as a Business' for positive top and bottom lines results. Whether aligning data strategies with business objectives or establishing data practices throughout the value chain, I leverage next-gen data discipline, disruptive technologies, and innovative data methods to unlock the full potential of data, information, knowledge, digital assets, and AI. My ultimate goal is to deliver tangible business outcomes and establish data as a revenue-generating business capability.

Serial Chief Data Officer

My CDO journey has brought me substance and unparalleled global peers. I honed my talent and evolve with the ever changing market to raise the bar on Data Leadership for individual clients and within global associations.

Astute Strategy Consultant

My perspective of organizations is critical to work my craft as a Data Leader. Understanding business models, immersing myself in the market one of my unique talent to provide data stellar expertise to clients.

Passionate Data Monetization Talent

I started the data monetization, infonomics and data value creation journey early in the movement by being motivated to self educate. Ever since then, I have been contributing to books, advocating to clients and peers on the power of data.

Semantic Data Advocate

It is often shared among peers within the data leadership community, how fustrated we are that the market is chronically underserved due to conventional and techno focused data practices. I am a key champion of data first principled approachs such as semantic data, knowledge graphs and finding the right balance between value and capability creation.

Program Management

My profile includes vast practical knowledge of scaling data Initiatives due to my extensive experience as a Project Portfolio Manager and Program Manager across Financial Institutions, Global Brands, Telecoms and Government.

Data Strategist

Data Strategy is a misunderstood area of the data discipline. Strategizing with data assets is my calling to evangelize on the art of data strategy providing substance and impact that is unquestionable.

Book Contributions

In my 30+ years of experience, I have multiple contributions to different books on Data, Business and Technology.

Book 1

Creators of Intelligence

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Book 2

Data Juice

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Book 3

Data Literacy

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Book 4


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Media Events

Here is the gallery of all my media events I attended as Guest Speaker to share my knowledge

AI and Data Strategy Building a Foundation for Business Success

Organizers: CDO Magazine
Role: Panelist
Location: Virtual
Date: 9th November, 2023

Althea Davis NUS Lecture on Strategic Data Governance

Organizers: Institute of Systems Science | National University of Singapore, Singapore
Role: Speaker
Location: Virtual (National University of Singapore)
Date: 7th October, 2023

CDO & Data Leaders’ Global Summit

Organizers: CDO Magazine & EDM Council
Role: Panelist
Location: Virtual
Date: 3rd May, 2023

RTA | World Open Data Day, 2023 Event

Organizers: Road Transport Authority (RTA)
Role: Keynote Speaker
Location: RTA Hq., Dubai
Date: 14th March, 2023

DeepFest by Leap, 2023

Organizers: InformaMarkets
Role: Panelist
Location: Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date: 6th-9th February, 2023

DAMA EMEA Virtual Conference

Organizers: DAMA EMEA
Role: Speaker
Location: Virtual
Date: 1st December, 2022

Executive Boardroom on Data Protection in the Cloud-era

Organizers: GMEvents
Role: Panelist
Location: Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers, Corniche Rd - Al Bateen - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Date: 10th November, 2022

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION, The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officer Roundtable

Organizers: Odgers Berndtson
Role: Keynote Speaker
Location: Virtual
Date: 3rd November, 2022

CDO Magazine / ComSpark / LeadTribune Media Group Women Data Leaders’ Global Summit

Organizers: CDO Magazine / ComSpark / LeadTribune Media Group
Role: Panelist
Location: Virtual
Date: 2nd November, 2022

2nd Middle East Enterprise AI and Analytics Summit 2022

Organizers: Hyperight AB
Role: Speaker
Location: The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall
Date: 20th October, 2022

W.Media's Middle East Cloud & Data Centre Convention 2022

Organizers: W.Media | Cloud & data Centers
Role: Exclusive Panelist
Location: Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers
Date: 18th October, 2022

Women In AI | APAC - ML Paper Reading Club - Week 1

Organizers: Women In AI | APAC - ML Paper Reading Club - Week 1
Role: Keynote Speaker
Location: Virtual
Date: 16th October, 2022


Organizers: GiTex Global
Role: Awardee & Panelist
Location: World Trade Centre, Dubai
Date: 10th October, 2022

Future of Public and Commercial Sector in a Data Driven World

Organizers: Market Solutions Events Management
Role: Panelist
Location: Hessa Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Residences Emirates Pearl, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date: 21st September, 2022

AirFrance - KLM Group - Webinar - Big Data, Big Waste

Organizers: AirFrance - KLM Group
Role: Speaker
Location: Virtual (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Date: Sept 2021

Data Science Days 2021

Organizers: Turnkey Solutions
Role: Keynote Speaker
Location: Virtual
Date: 26th May, 2021

GITEX - She Loves Data - Speaker.

Organizers: Gitex - She Loves Data
Role: Panel Speaker
Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: October 2020

MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ) 2019 | Boston

Organizers: The Cube
Role: Interviewee
Location: MIT Campus, Boston - CDOIQ
Date: 1th August 2019

Althea Davis | ING Bank | MIT | ComSpark | Technology

Organizers: Comspark
Role: Interviewee
Location: MIT Campus, Boston
Date: July 2019


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